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Dura continues to lead the way with new technology evolution. At the 2020 Future Vehicles NVH Summit, Dura CTO Sanjay Singh discussed the goals, challenges and opportunities for NVH professionals as the vehicle landscape continues toward autonomous! #ElectricVehicles

Sanjay Singh, CTO of Dura Automotive, shared the virtual stage with top technology experts at this year's American Automotive Summit 2020 on the topic of industry conversion to Electrification. A key topic, as we launch 3 lightweight EV battery tray factories within 18 months!

Excited to share this podcast interview featuring new Dura Automotive CEO Kimberly Rodriguez with Jason Stein, publisher of Automotive News. The focus is 'back on': How Dura Auto will unlock value
#Lightweighting #MiddleGroundCapital #ElectricVehicles!