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Safety Systems 
The journey to maximize occupant and pedestrian safety begins with collision avoidance and continues with optimized protection during an unavoidable impact.

Dura-Shiloh technical teams have pioneered safety solutions for more than a century. From high-efficiency Driver Control Systems to energy-absorbing Structural Safety Architectures,  our holistic approach to product development delivers predictable engineered performance, tailored to the unique needs of each new vehicle design.

BIW Structural Safety Systems

Dura-Shiloh BIW structural systems are the preferred choice of leading mobility providers, and it’s no wonder why.  Our expertise in lightweight mono or multi-material body structures has delivered crash management performance to the world’s leading nameplates.

We are pioneers of dissimilar joining technologies that deliver maximized strength and energy management. Join Together, is not just our slogan; it is what we do best on our factory floor.

Body-in-White (BIW) Structural Systems

Rocker Panel Systems

Instrument Panel Structural Modules

Door Structures

Motor & Front-end Carriers

Hot-Stamped Safety Products

Mechatronic Safety Systems

Smart Actuation Systems

Electric Vehicles require safety technology that prevents motion during static modes of operation. Dura-Shiloh offers a complete portfolio of compact, lightweight Park Lock Actuator Solutions. Each system, complete with proprietary software and electronics, is purpose-built to work as an integral component of the gearbox, powertrain module, and other critical vehicle safety systems.

Engineered with sustainability and performance in mind, our actuation solutions utilize engineered materials with a recycled composite that maintains dimensional integrity in the demanding high-heat environment of the gearbox. Each high-performance system operates with speed and precision, redefining the durability, responsiveness, and efficiency of a park lock function.

Consult with a Dura-Shiloh systems engineer today to select the perfect park lock solution for your next EV development.

EV Park-Lock, Shift-by-Wire, & AWD Decoupling Actuators

Advanced Software with Cybersecurity

High Performance & Lightweight Geartrains

Modular Prevalidated Modules

Rugged Durability

Driver Control Safety Systems

Driver Control Safety Systems

Dura-Shiloh driver safety systems provide rugged durability and performance for stationary and dynamic braking and tire change routines. Our systems are engineered and manufactured to meet global regulations, and endure extreme cycle counts in hazardous environmental conditions.

Boasting more than 40 years of market leadership, we offer the largest range of safety products and features with proven reliability. From parking brake and pedal systems to spare tire carrier systems, automakers rely on Dura-Shiloh to achieve maximum safety performance.

Park Brake Systems, Pedal Systems & Tire Carriers

High-Performance Safety Cable Controls

Four Decades of Complete Systems Design Expertise

Extensive Global Portfolio

HMI’s, Performance Cables & Hardware

Seating Control Safety Systems

Seating Control Safety Systems

Dura-Shiloh seating components and mechanical control systems deliver quality, safety, and performance to leading tier-one seating suppliers. Our vertical integration of precision-stamped components pairs with efficient joining and assembly to create superior value.

From seat reclining mechanisms to seat stampings and latches, our expertise in lightweight materials and advanced joining processes contribute to extended vehicle range and sustainability.

Seat Recliner Mechanisms

Seat Stampings

Fold-Flat Seating Systems

Seat Control Mechanisms

Seat Control Cables

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