Ultra-Lightweight Structural Technologies

Reduced Weight, Increased Stiffness & Crash Performance
Premier automakers rely on Dura-Shiloh for innovative solutions that keep pace with CAFE and safety standards.

Dura-Shiloh structural architectures leave no stone unturned in the journey for improved vehicle range.

Smart combinations of aluminum castings, stretch-bended profiles, composite materials, and high-strength alloys are integrated using Dura-Shiloh in-house manufacturing technologies. The result is module optimization, engineered to provide the perfect fusion of function, form and sustainable performance.

Ultra-Lightweight Structural BIW Architectures

For more than three decades, Dura-Shiloh has engineered and manufactured lightweight structures for luxury and performance nameplates. Working in unison, our computer analysis teams collaborate with Dura-Shiloh in-house German tool makers and assembly artisans to craft the perfect architecture.

Lightweight Al & UHSS Door Structures

Body-in-White Structural Components

Aluminum & UHSS Cross-Car Beams

Hybrid Composite / Metal Structures

Lightweight Door Systems

Structural Lightweight Door Systems

Dura-Shiloh lightweight door structures provide occupant safety, dimensional integrity, and energy absorption, inside and outside the vehicle.  Our multi-material solutions feature three decades of advanced joining technologies.

First-to-market innovations include the World’s first fully bonded aluminum door structure; the first lightweight aluminum front and rear door structures, complete with a class-A surface, and hinges; and the first aluminum door set for electric vehicles with integrated B-pillar. Our highly engineered architectures allow superior energy management and occupant protection.

Let Dura-Shiloh technology experts engineer a tailor-made lightweight door structure to elevate the performance of your next electric vehicle platform.

Lightweight Aluminum Profiles

B-Pillarless Structures

Mixed Metal Alloys

Advanced Joining Technologies

Integrated Crash Intrusion Beams

Lightweight Cross-Car Beams

Lightweight Cross-Car Systems

Cross-car systems are central to vehicle crash protection, requiring stringent dimensional and structural integrity. Automakers trust Dura-Shiloh cross-car beam technology to deliver superior strength with industry-leading weight reduction and value.

Our vast portfolio of configurations incorporates aluminum extrusions, tubular steel, stamped clamshell, and hybrid composite architectures. Advanced joining technologies ensure consistent engineered performance to strict manufacturing tolerances.

Let Dura-Shiloh engineers create a cross-car beam solution for your next-generation vehicle platform.

Lightweight Aluminum Profiles & Stampings

Programmable Precision Forming

Mixed Metal Alloys

Advanced Joining Technologies

Modular Corporate Designs

Product Portfolio

Vehicle Systems