Honda Green Excellence Award

Honda – 2017 Green Excellence Award

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Birmingham, UK Site Honored with the 2017 Honda Green Excellence Award

DURA’s Birmingham, United Kingdom site was recognized by Honda in 2017 for outstanding performance in Environmental Management. The Honda Green Excellence Award was presented at the HUM Supplier Convention. The Birmingham site has exceeded in environmental management through achievements over the past year such as;

  • reducing energy by 30%;
  • eliminating 27% of material through scrap reduction;
  • and reducing water consumption by 10%.

As of December of 2017, the site has made the great accomplishment of becoming a “ZERO waste to landfill facility.” Martin Dinsley, Plant Manager for the Birmingham site commented that the success of their program can be attributed to utilizing tools such as a scorecard and ultimately Birmingham’s people. “We have the environmental KPI embedded in the balanced scorecard we run, it is in the strategic planning 3-year cycle we run, and forms part of many peoples PMP’s. We explain to the workforce at the quarterly briefs. The main way to engage (people) of course is to lead the way. We have put LED lights in, water saving taps and cisterns, we have waste segregation and we now have zero waste to landfill. Once you start and have success then more success follows….it gathers pace. It helps of course if the person steering the ship want to do it and believes in it. Believing in it and wanting to do it. Having people who care and who want to make things happen. Businesses are not successful because of metrics, business is all about people and relationships.”

The Birmingham site looks to improve in 2018 by setting it’s targets and initiatives upfront and having a good review process with a number of good dedicated people.