Electrifying Capabilities

Electric Future

Dura-Shiloh technologies are at the forefront of mobility electrification.

Our engineering teams continuously deliver award-winning solutions that optimize safety, weight, and performance, tailored to the needs of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV’s) and Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) platforms.

From battery enclosures with engineered crash performance to mechatronic safety systems, we are focused on accelerating the future of electric mobility.

Lightweight Battery Trays

Dura-Shiloh lightweight battery trays allow EV teams to ensure battery performance and protection, through harsh environmental and collision hazards. Our engineers leverage proprietary structural joining and forming technologies with in-process detection to optimize strength, ensure exceptional sealing, and maximize use of capital.

Built upon three decades of experience in precision aluminum and steel joining technologies, Dura-Shiloh battery enclosures are the smart choice for premium vehicle manufacturers.

Multi-Material Joining Technologies

Crash and Sealing Analysis

Development, Analysis, and Prototyping

Perflex Flexible Manufacturing Processes

In-Process Integrity Verification

Modular Battery Enclosures

Modular Battery Enclosures

OEM’s seeking efficient and scalable electrification strategies can benefit from Dura-Shiloh modular battery tray solutions.

Our modular design architecture provides scalability from sedans through large SUV’s, on a single enclosure platform. The unique attributes of the modular design approach include optimization of mass and strength through mixed-materials, variable geometric flexibility, and compartmental sealing.

Advantages include commonization of components for reduced bill-of-materials (BOM) and decoupled design that delivers improved performance of structural, environmental, and thermal functions.

Modular and Scalable

Reduced BOM

Standardized Components

Hybrid Material Construction

Reduction of Seal Seams

Multi-Material Battery Enclosures

Multi-material Battery Enclosures

Dura-Shiloh engineering teams have deep expertise in mixed-material structural technologies. Our development process optimizes strength-to-weight ratios and crash management performance using computer simulation of advanced manufacturing processes.

Composite materials, aluminum castings and extrusions, HSS stampings and other materials are combined with advanced joining technologies to deliver engineered performance. The result is a tailored system with best-in-class performance and reliability.

Multi-Material Joining Technologies

Crash and Sealing Analysis

Development, Analysis, and Prototyping

Precision Bonding

In-Process Integrity Verification

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