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Control Cables

When it comes to Control Cables, DURA Industrial offers a range of advanced, unique products like Duraflex® and Flexball®, as well as other proprietary innovations. Duraflex® is a best-in-class, highly heat-resistant and flexible remote control cable used for the transfer of pull and push forces. Its core consists of a special, pressure-stiff stranded cable coated with a modified synthetic to maximize the durability, efficiency and performance of your complete system. Flexball® is a flexible, ball bearing remote control cable that transfers linear stroke movements of up to 200mm. The only ball-bearing architecture used today, it enables a smooth, delay-free transfer of loads of 6,000 N at push function and 15,000 N at pull function. Laid spatially on three levels in a system of bends with low bending radii, Flexball® delivers 97% efficiency, with overall lengths of more than 63 meters. Stainless steel inner components guarantee an optimal lifespan with high fatigue resistance under reverse bending processes.

Aerospace, Agriculture, Construction, Marine, Military, Railway, Heavy Vehicle